Race Wars

We are a world awash in lies. It is so prevalent that 90% of our citizens have absolutely no idea of what’s real and what is not. How can I possibly say such a thing? Because I have spent the last 25 years of my life digging below the main stream news, and discovering the truth about things. Rarely if ever do they match up.

Hillary is the Democrats big hope for the White House. She, just like her psychopathic husband Bill have looked into the cameras and into your eyes and said “I did not have, receive or send classified Email from my private server.” But Jim Comey, head of the FBI said just the opposite. He said she had 113 Classified Emails on her server, several of them of the utmost security level of top secret, and she was probably hacked. She lied. She’s a serial liar.

For years on end, many well respected investors have sent physical proof to the regulators of the COMEX exchange detailing manipulation of the metals markets. The regulators spent a few years looking into it and at the end said they could find no evidence of manipulation. Yet in an amazing twist, several major institutions have been fined over 30 BILLION dollars for criminal wrong doing as pertaining to LIBOR rates, Currency exchange, MBS’s, money laundering, and a host of other illegal activities.

I endure CNBC almost daily. I’d rather have dental work done. Day after day, week after week, they regurgitate numbers as fact which are in reality fake. Made up. Twisted. Perverted. Just this Friday, we got the non farm payroll report. According to the talking heads, we gained 287,000 jobs in June and it sparked a rally that sent the market to just a couple points of an ALL TIME HIGH. But did we really create 287K jobs, after only gaining 11,000 in May? Of course not.

The BLS’s “Birth/Death” model added 92K jobs to the pot….jobs that don’t exist. 44K more of them were Verizon workers returning from being on strike. Then we find that 90% of the job gains in the remaining 160K jobs went to people 55 years old or over. Think “Welcome to Wal-Mart” for an aging population that can’t afford to live. Yet this jobs report was heralded as fantastic, a “game changer” and supposedly the reason for a 250 point DOW romp, and an S&Pwithin spitting distance of a new all time high.

Lies. We simply live in a world of them. Right now you and a few hundred million others think that a man named Philando Castile was sitting as the passenger in a car that was stopped for a broken tail light, and then shot by a police officer for “no apparent reason”. Because the man was black, and the woman in the car shared a self made video to the world, the entire black population seems to think that the cops just decided to kill an innocent black guy.

It’s a lie. Like most things media.

First off, you have to understand the video was uploaded in “mirror” view. In other words it looks like Castile was the passenger, but that’s not true…he was the driver. Next up, she says that they were stopped for a broken tail light. That too is a lie. The reason the car was stopped is because 4 days earlier two armed men robbed a convenience store…

According to a press release from the St. Anthony Police Department, which contracts for police service in Lauderdale, the two robbed the Super USA store in the 2400 block of Larpenteur Avenue around 7:30 p.m., taking cash from the register and cartons of Newport cigarettes.

In the description of the robbery and in CC camera film from the robbery Employees described one suspect to police as a black man with longer than shoulder-length dreadlocks, who wore blue jeans, a green plaid long-sleeved shirt, dark-color shoes with white highlights, glasses and a baseball cap printed with marijuana leaves, the release says. He may have had a mustache.

The reason the car was stopped is because the police had put out a BOLO ( be on the lookout) for anyone matching that description, and the officer notice Castile matched EXACTLY the description of the armed robber.

Now think about this for a minute. The cops saw a video of a guy pointing a gun at a clerks head, and stealing money. They put out a BOLO to try and catch them. Then, They see a guy driving a car that matches this guy to a Tee. When the officer approaches the window, he see’s what can only be described as a gun on the guys lap, partially covered by a towel. He screams at the man to NOT MOVE HIS HAND, but Castile does reach near it. The cop shoots him.

The woman in the car starts filming, screaming that he was licensed to carry a gun and was only reaching for his drivers license. However local area police say they never had a concealed weapons permit issued to Castile.

So as you can see…the story being pushed from the media is that Cops just randomly stop black people, and then indiscriminantly shoot them at will. Yet the FACT is that a guy who looks just like a robbery suspect, an ARMED robbery suspect, is stopped for questioning and he’s got a weapon on his lap, that looks VERY similar to the weapon used in the robbery, and this cop…quite anxious and nervous tells him not to move and yet he makes hand movement towards the gun. The cop fires in what he believes will be a shootout if he doesn’t.

Not quite the story you’re being told on TV is it? Nope. Not even close. And because of jackass reporting and viral media, the WRONG story goes out…only to be picked up by tens of thousands of angry black people that believe more than ever that the cops are out to just “mow us down like animals”. So what happens next? The Very thing I worried about… retaliation.

The attack on the Dallas police which left 11 wounded and 5 dead, was in DIRECT response to BS reporting. The MEDIA is responsible for stirring up the pot the way they have. Are there racist cops out there? Sure there are. But are the instances of cops shooting black males some form of jihad against black men? Of course not. Yet that’s what millions of inner city and poorer class blacks believe. And they’re angry and they’ve just shown the world that they’re willing to retaliate.

I really pray for calm heads to prevail, I really do. Yet there’s no doubt that race relations in this country are at a low I have never seen, not in my almost 60 years. If angry uneducated black men begin to assassinate police officers around the country, the effects will be widespread and horrible. Not just for the families of the slain officers, but for the black community itself. Police will simply stop entering certain areas. All manner of law will break down across racial lines. And any black men whom the police have just a suspicion of being criminal, will indeed be shot…lest the officer feels he’d be shot first.

The first casualty of any war is truth. It is killed well before the first shots ring out. In the race problems facing America today, the biggest reason behind it is because the truth has been hidden away. No one is allowed to talk about the real reasons behind our racial tensions because if you get labeled a “racist” your career is over. You will lose your job. Hell you might get locked up for inciting hate.

What happened in Dallas was a declaration of war. An Ambush is a military operation and those police were ambushed. It was premeditated and carried out. I can only pray that the truth finally gets its chance at a soap box and diffuse this war quickly. Because this war has no winner.