How To Make 10% Per Year With No Risk

One of the “secrets” of wealthy investors is this: never lose money.
Of course, that’s easier said than done.

It’s amazing because in today’s economy, it’s almost impossible to find a safe, guaranteed investment that yields anything more than peanuts these days.

Here’s the current offering of traditional “safe” investment options:

  • High-yield Savings Accounts at Banks: 0.85%
  • 1 year Certificate of Deposit (CD): 1.05%
  • 5 year Certificate of Deposit (CD): 1.91%
  • 7 year Treasury Bond: 1.10%
  • 10 year Treasury Bond: 1.63%
  • 30 year Treasury Bond: 2.69%

Wow! Commit your money to the U.S. government for 10 years and you are GUARANTEED to LOSE money the 1.63% yield is less than the government’s official 2.35% inflation rate.

A Better “Safe Haven” for Your Money

We have uncovered a safe investment that can earn up to 10.25% AND is guaranteed not to lose any of your principal.

We’ll share with you the exact features of this new investment in a moment, but first a little background.

We have discovered this gem while we were searching for a better “engine” for our client’s Banking system.

As we explain in detail we outline how to use a particular financial instrument as a “chassis” for an incredibly lucrative wealth-building platform.

We call it a “chassis” because on the outside, most of these financial intruments look the same.

It’s what’s under the hood that counts.

We have seen people try to start their own Banking system without paying attention to the details.

…and the results could be disastrous for them down the line.

Here’s why:

Our banking system get’s its horsepower from a little “loophole” in the way these financial instruments work.

The Loophole That Makes the banking system Work

First, understand how a regular bank makes money. People deposit money and the bank pays them interest to keep it there. Let’s say you deposit $10,000 and they give you 1% interest.

Then the bank turns around and lends your money to someone who needs a car and charges them 5% interest on the loan.

In short, the bank pays you 1% on your money but charges other people 5% to use it. They make their money on the 4% spread.

With a banking system, you take on that role of the bank to make the spread work in your favor.

Here’s how it works. You set up your insurance account to earn up to 10%. Then you can borrow at 6% – and, voila, you’ve just made a 4% “spread.”

Some of you may be thinking, “but if you are borrowing from yourself, aren’t you’re just ‘stealing from Peter to pay Paul?’”

That WOULD be the case if you were just borrowing money from yourself out of a savings account.

That’s NOT what our banking system is, though.

It is an account set up with a third party financial firm. You put money in and they invest it in a specialized financial instrument. The money in that account earns you interest and becomes your own personal bank.

When you “borrow” from this bank, the financial instrument keeps paying you interest on the entire amount you invested.

So you are always earning money on your deposits, even when you take a loan out against those funds (to use for other investments, etc).

You do have to pay back the loan, but when you set it up properly, you’ll pay LESS interest on the loan than the amount you are earning.

That’s the loophole, and the secret to a successful banking system.

It’s really quite phenomenal and it’s why we have dozens of members writing us every day with new success stories based on this technique.

Be Careful How You Set Up Your Bank

But this is where many people new to the “Bank of You” concept get it wrong.

They try to do it themselves and use the wrong financial instrument, or structure it so that it works against them instead of for them.

For example, they unknowingly set it up to earn 4%, but they have to pay 7% for any loans they take.

That’s like setting up a commercial bank where you pay depositors 7% and only charge 4% for your loans. That bank won’t be in business long.

So, if you are doing this yourself, you NEED to get educated, because…

The Bank of You Won’t  Work if it Has a Bum Engine

Our team do this for a living, so we are not only looking for an engine that works, we are constantly trying to tweak the engine they use to provide the best possible performance for their clients.

That’s where this new investment engine we found comes in.

The new engine that we found works like this:

  • You get to participate in upside moves in the financial markets (like stocks)
  • You are protected from any downside risks (like a CD)
  • You are guaranteed not to lose any principal.

Sound too good to be true?

Here’s the Little Catch…

Your upside participation is capped at 10.25%

What that means is if the market goes up 15%, you get 10.25% and the financial institution keeps the difference.

You might be thinking, “so if the market goes up 30%, I’ll only get 10.25% and they get 20%?”


Yes. But remember, they also assume ALL the downside risk. When the market goes down, they absorb that for you.

It’s an awesome financial instrument during highly volatile times, and it is PERFECT as the engine for your own “Bank of You.”

How You Can Start Using This New Engine in Your “Bank of You”

Even though you don’t need a Bank of You to be a successful investor, it is one of the safest ways to protect, grow and supercharge your wealth that you’ll ever find.

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