Turning $500 Bucks Into Real Wealth

Do you believe in the phrase “It takes money to make money?”

We hope you think that phrase is scarcity minded nonsense.

Here’s the truth…

With capitalism, you make money by leveraging your capital. And EVERYONE has capital, whether it’s property, money… or even just the knowledge inside your head.

So if you tell yourself you don’t have any money to invest or very little, you’re just limiting your future wealth.

That’s why we jump into action when we get questions like this one…

Matthew, asks:

I have less than $500.00 to invest. What is the most profitable “auto-pilot” investment I can make? Thanks.

– Matthew

Thanks for the question, Matthew. We get asked this a LOT, so there’s no shame in asking.

But instead of first answering the question, let me challenge your premise.

If You Only Have a Little Money to Invest… Then Get More!

The seventeenth-century French philosopher, Rene Descartes, famously said “I think, therefore I am.”

Well at the risk of making Descartes roll in his grave, repeat after me: 

“I think, therefore I am capable of growing rich.”

It’s extremely important to our mindset and your future wealth to remember and live by that statement.

If you use your obviously intelligent brain to think, then you can generate more than $500 to invest.

(And we know you’re intelligent, because you’re searching for answers. Not everyone has the same curiosity.)

So before you resign yourself to putting $500 towards an “autopilot” investment, put your thinking cap on. Reject the scarcity mindset that enslaves so many. And start making more CASH.

Here’s One Way to Start Generating Cash…

One of the easiest ways to turn a thinking brain into cash is by starting an online business.  
And we have a fantastic role model for doing just that.

People became millionaires before the age of 25 thanks to online businesses.

So while most strategies involve seeking out experts for answers.

We has stepped up to the plate and written a manual, a memoir, or you might even call it a manifesto… detailing how he started a multi-million dollar business online starting from basically nothing. And certainly less than $500.

He also recommends a few of his favorite resources for continuing your online business knowledge. (Because remember, knowledge is capital you can leverage).
But to be fair…

Starting an Internet business does take work, and you did ask for an “auto-pilot” investment.

So what else can you do TODAY with the money you have?

Maybe the Easiest “Auto-Pilot” Investment Is…

Buying silver.

Silver is currently priced at $27.50, well below its record nominal-high, $49.79 set last year. And well below the inflation-adjusted high set in 1980 – $130!

So while some people think metals have risen too fast, the truth is gold and especially silver are still cheap.

Now we are not certified financial advisors. So we can’t give you specific investment advice.

But given that the fundamentals and a shaky economy have never been more bullish for these metals, we personally see buying 10-15 ounces of silver as a good starting investment.

OK, Time to Get Started…

If you’d like to find out how people started an online business and became a millionaire by age 25… and if you’d like to discover more investment secrets like the one above… or better yet, the “black box” investment strategies of the ultra-rich…

…then read this 100 page book below.

You’ll find more than a dozen strategies the wealthy use to grow richer, that the middle class doesn’t even know about. 

One strategy even lets you retire rich and 100% tax free. I highly recommend checking it out.