Prepare For Collapse By Having No Debt

Some forms of debt are like shackles on your wrists, keeping you from taking needed action.

We want to share a story of how we’ve fixed our credit and lowered our debt burden freeing ourself to start taking action on our strategies before the economic collapse hits us.

Because now is NOT a time to be tied down with debt; not when the global economy has sprung a leak and quickly sinking.

Not with…

* Unemployment stubbornly high, only falling when people quit looking for work.

* Broke nations asking for more bailouts from other broke nations…

* And the world’s largest central bank, the Federal Reserve, promising to print money to infinity.

That last point – infinite money-printing from the Fed, or QEternity should be the loudest and clearest signal that there’s no time to spare.  The next economic crisis very well could happen in 2013.

If debt is all that’s keeping you from getting prepared, we have strategies to help you eliminate that debt.  Including improving your credit to lower your payments.

Jason. did exactly that

Phenomenal! By following your advice, I was able to improve my credit scores by 40, 60 and 70 points in only 3 months. We also removed 7 negative items from my reports. This was HUGE! 

I was able to refinance my auto loan which saved me $6,455.63 over the life of the loan!! Because of what I learned from working with Anthony I got out of an 11.9% interest loan (yes…my credit was BAD at the time) and into a 3.7% loan. 

~ Jason.

Great job, Jason.  By working with our stategies and fixing your credit, you were able to pay less in interest… meaning there’s more money available for you to invest intelligently before the crash.

With a better credit score, you might even be able to take on some long-term, fixed-rate, low-interest mortgage debt.  Debt that will be eaten away by inflation if the Fed keeps printing money – like they’ve already promised to do.

You did the right thing, and we hope others will follow in your footsteps.

Fixing your credit is easy to do, if you know the right strategies and who to talk to.

Otherwise, if you just do a Google or Bing search you’ll be hit with pages full of nothing but schemers.  Schemers who know they can make a buck from preying on people down on their luck.

Here’s what it has done for Jason and his future…

For me, everything in your suggestions is great right now. Its helped me lay out a step-by-step strategy for my near future. 

Now that I’ve worked with you, I plan on working with you more next while purchasing silver and gold in the meantime. Within the next 6 months I want to go visit the book below from Amazon, that helps with tax strategy. Now I at least have a clear vision of the future and can concentrate on what my next steps are.

~ Jason.

Jason didn’t let his debt or poor credit score keep him from taking action.  Instead of moping around and hoping for “next time,” he took action.

With all the terrifying signals the global economy is sending right now, we highly recommend you join Jason and do the same.