The Brew Master

Something Massive Brewing

Since the inception of these letters, I’ve endured 3 different Presidents. In 1995, when the beginning of the Financial Intelligence Report was just being formed it was Bill Clinton. Then it was George Bush, and then finally Obama.

In all of those years, one thing that I did NOT do, was comment endlessly about any of the Presidential races. Sure they got a mention, as I believe that you can’t follow the evolution of any economy without knowing the players at the top. But it wasn’t my “job” to bring you the minute by minute ugly details of any race. Surely there were more than enough alphabet soup media outlets with snarky commentators that you could tune into.

Even now, I’ve kept the whole thing pretty quiet. I’ve mentioned a few times that the Trump phenomena was NOT going to be a short lived circus show, and that brought me emails suggesting I was stupid. Politics, like religion…will bring out the debaters every time. I remember the first time I said that this race was going to be something different and that Trump was not going to be a flash in the pan, I had 11 E-mails the next day from various folks. Each and every one of them suggested “he’s a clown, he’ll be gone by Christmas, he’s a side show, and blah blah blah”.

Christmas has come and gone. Trump still leads every poll. This isn’t anything you already don’t know. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear nothing but the GOP race, and who’s jabbing at who. However, what you will NOT hear, is the incredible implosion taking place at the top of the GOP food chain. It is nothing short of Biblical.

Let me explain what I see going on, because this is landmark stuff. Each election year the Dems and the Rep’s put on their dog and pony show, and prance a bunch of so called candidates in front of the Citizenry, to give the illusion that Joey and Janie Sixpack actually have a choice in who’s going to be the figurehead of the Country. What Joey really doesn’t get is that the election is decided long before the first debate. See, when you pull back the covers, you find both Dem’s and Rep’s in bed together.

They play their power games in the background and then select the two paid actors that they’d be willing to have as President. They don’t really care which one finally gets the nod, because that’s been negotiated long in advance. Each “party” has already agreed to deal with the winner, no matter which side he’s from. The other candidates are there just to be splinters. If one of their chosen two are catching hell, they sacrifice a splinter candidate to suck up any support that might be fading from their main guy. Then at the right time, the splinter guy quits the race, and all the people he got in the way of support have to go somewhere. The splinter guy will then tell his supporters to cast their votes for guess who? That’s right the guy who the establishment picked in the first place. It’s all wonderful theatre.

But this year something quite interesting has happened. “outsiders” have entered the race, and one of them, Donald Trump doesn’t necessarily need their money. He’s brash, unapologetic, and says the very things that a lot of middle class people want to hear. He knows from employing thousands of Joey’s that they HATE the Washington crowd. He knows their frustrations and he plays to it really well. When I first mentioned that you should NOT dismiss this Trump guy, he’s not a flash in the pan, my argument was very simple. He is NOT establishment, he’s willing to vent Joey’s real frustrations, and he’s doing the best sales motivational training I’ve seen in a long time. He’s giving Joey hope that maybe, just maybe…this debt bloated, no job having, hulk of what used to be America, can be saved. He’s giving Joey the sales pitch that he’s the only hope they have of ever seeing Joey’s grand kids have a job. And Joey is “all in”.

But there’s a problem. A big one. See the establishment picked their two actors long ago. In the script, Jeb Bush would square off with Hillary Clinton and they didn’t care which one got in. Well that plan went way off the rails as Jeb couldn’t excite a cold fish, and Hillary’s having troubles just keeping ahead of a batcrap crazy socialist that didn’t have a paying job till he was 40.

So what is the big issue? Can’t they just jam Rubio in there as their guy? Uhm, no. His job in all of this was never to even get close to the Presidency. His job was constructed to funnel up all of Florida’s Delegates and hand them to Bush. Do you really think a first time, almost no-show candidate, with no money, and little accomplishment was their guy? Please.

Here’s the kick. The real elitists at the top of the GOP pyramid that actually put together these enormous plots to get “their guy” in, now have NO ONE to promote. The RNC is in melt down mode. They cannot allow Trump to get the nod, because Trump will NOT bow to every cockamamie money sucking, America killing scheme they have for the future. They CONTROL their Presidents. Trumps a loose cannon. They can’t muzzle him. Thus, they have to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

That Rabbit right now is Mitt Romney. Pulled from the dustbin, he’s been shined up and then comes out of the clear blue, suggesting he might support Rubio. He hasn’t however endorsed Rubio, that was the Huffington Post’s job to float that so called upcoming news. So why is Romney back from the Dead? It’s looking like the RNC might just APPOINT him as their guy via convention.

Just so you know I’m not blowing smoke here folks, did you happen to see what the HEAD of the RNC stated no less than 4 times lately? He said this “the candidates are applying to join the Republican Party and gain the benefit of the national party apparatus”. Applying? Like a job candidate? See? They’re telling you right to your face that THEY run things and THEY control who is and who isn’t “in” their party. As George Will so famously said last August “”Trump Supporters Need To Come Into The Republican Party On Our Terms, Not Theirs”

So the RNC and the GOP elites were already in melt down mode. Their lead guy couldn’t get 3%. Despite all the actors playing their parts and tearing down the opposition to their lead guy; Jeb couldn’t get it done. So they dust off Mitt. Is it possible that their “new” plan is to end-around sweep the current candidates and chose someone via convention or actually appoint a brand new nominee? Sure it’s possible.

But then the story got even wilder. This week Chris Christie comes out and endorses “his friend” Donald Trump. This action in the eyes of the GOP elite is abject treason. Back stabbing, Benedict Arnold treason. Why? Because Christie was one of the ultimate Inside elites of the GOP. He was part and parcel to the whole Bush and Romney world. For over 8 years this guy was RNC true and blue. And he comes out backing Trump???!?!

WHOA. This is HUGE. The GOP elites were and are using every single trick they can muster to knock Trump out of this race, and one of their own crosses the line and becomes a Trumpster?? Oh my. What’s that mean? Could it be that Christie was really just being a spy in the RNC, and then telling Trump their every move to derail him? It very well could folks.

In 2014 the RNC changed the entire landscape concerning how a candidate can win their nomination. The way it was set up is simply to make sure that it isn’t the most popular candidate that gets in, it’s THEIR selected candidate that gets in. Now we see Christie switch sides, and with him the entire blueprint for the rest of this campaign.

Folks something really big is going on here. Donald Trump didn’t need to do this. He lives better than any king in the history of mankind. He’s got a beautiful wife, intelligent kids and all the money he could ever want. Am I to think he decided to take this plunge, without knowing that the ENTIRE political machine would be against him, even his OWN party? No way. So if he knew that the Democrats, the media, the Salon’s and Huffinton’s and even his OWN party would be against him…why would he do it?

That’s not a deal Trump would make. Somehow he had to have had assurances from very powerful people that they wouldn’t let the Party itself take him down. Then comes Christie out of the blue. That’s huge. Trump is not a flash in the pan. He didn’t do this on a whim, thinking “hey, I’ll give it a shot, why not?” No, there’s script here too. He had to have assurances that he’d have a real chance. I’m thinking the Christie thing just proved that.

This race is about to get incredibly interesting. They didn’t just dust off Romney to poke at Trump and suggest Trump open his tax returns. No they have plans for him. Rubio’s willing to prostitute himself and do what ever his party bosses tell him, because let’s face it, he’s probably got a very comfy payday coming as it is. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the RNC/GOP elite plan now is to try and destroy ALL the candidates equally, and let Hillary take the house. Don’t forget…she was agreed upon as acceptable by BOTH parties. Her and Jeb. Jeb’s gone. Are they now going to prostitute for her? Are they so afraid of a Trump that they’d make it easier for her? This election race is going to get very very hot folks. Something major is brewing.