What do you do if you WANT someone to do something? You tell them they can’t, or shouldn’t do it. We all know that game, especially with children. The more you tell them not to (insert anything) you know the minute you’re not looking they’re going to do it.

With that in mind, I wonder if we’ve been duped? Here’s my point…we’ve all seen the circus concerning Donald Trump and how everyone and his brother has ganged up to “stop” him. When one of the leading people of the Republican Party came on CNBC to basically tell the voters that they have NO say in the nomination process and that he wishes there weren’t any primaries, everyone went nuts. I admit…myself included.

How dare they?! Who are these self appointed fools that tell me that my voice has no sway?! There was outrage. There was endless discussion. There was untold hours of media coverage. There was also a rise in Trump’s position. Coincidence?

Then there was the “secret” meeting. The so called establishment took a page out of the Creature from Jekyll Island, and pulled off a high level clandestine meeting on some obscure Island….once again with the statement that they were there to find ways to stop Trump.

Again I was up in arms. In what America are big Corporations, bankers, and politicians supposed to meet up in “secret”- yet not so secret – hideouts and discuss ways to stop a man who’s dominating in the polls to be President? Not the America that we profess to live in. Yet that’s what we’re being told is happening and it is revolting. Yet the question becomes…is it real?

Nothing happens in politics by chance. Nothing. Everything is scripted. Certainly even the best laid plans can go awry, and that’s exactly what I think we’re seeing here. Let me lay it out for you.

The establishment (call it whomever you wish, lifetime politicians, bankers, major CEO’s, old world European money, etc) works out its deals concerning Presidency years in advance of an election. Because both sides of the aisle work for the same puppet masters of big business, the Military industrials, and the bankers, they don’t much care which dumbo or jackass ends up in the hot seat, they’ve already agreed to work with their appointed folks.

This time around it was supposed to be Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Both sides of the aisle were comfortable with their puppets, and then they put on the grand show for the masses, as if they cared about what you wanted. It all made great theatre. But there was a problem. No matter how hard Jeb tried, he couldn’t raise the eyebrow of a working hooker. He was low energy, boring, and couldn’t get past a 4% rating. That caused a serious issue.

While they’re okay handing the platform to Hillary, as I said this was all agreed on a year and a half ago…they still want to put on the grand illusion that “their party” is in for the big fight, to keep the Republican masses conned. So they had to start pushing someone else they could work with. Rubio instantly came to mind, as he’s well malleable and they were okay with that.

But there was a problem and the problem was Trump. Trump was winning the debates and his numbers kept growing. I believe that AT FIRST the push back against Trump was real. I really do, as their man Jeb exited the race, and they were scrambling to find another puppet to marionette. So I do think that at first the failure of the Jeb unit put them in a bit of a panic.

Then I think that seeing the pushback they got from trying to derail him simply made him stronger and stronger, they had a “lightbulb” moment. I think they got themselves together and said something along the lines of… “Look boyz, we’re going to have to work with this Trump guy. If we go on trying to install a Romney or Ryan, the “party” is going to lose millions of voters. Our team will never get another seat in the house, Senate or White house again. So let’s make a deal with Trump”.

I think the game now is that they feign the repugnance of a Trump Presidency, and keep the “Stop Trump” meme alive until it no longer continues to drive people straight to Trump. As long as their actions continue to drive more and more “outraged” people straight to Trump, they’ll continue the game. This accomplishes two things…If they’ve made deals with trump, he’ll continue to roll up delegates, and they can still ‘make believe” that he’s too loud and obnoxious for them. Sort of like they’re above his methods and his “non PC” statements. This way they can look anti-Trump, while actually moving him up at the same time.

I know that sounds all sorts of conspiratorial and all…I know. But if you really dig in and think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Donald has made statements many times suggesting that the Republican “anti Donald” folks are putting on a good show in public and then calling him shortly after to work deals. I now believe that is exactly what’s happening. More Kabuki Theatre for the masses, but meanwhile in the dark shadows, they’re drawing up the deal making.

Remember, it was supposed to be Jeb and Hillary. They had all their deals worked out. The military knew what they were getting, the defense industry knew what they were getting, banks knew what they were getting. It was all set, and they didn’t care who won. But they didn’t have deals with Trump, he wasn’t supposed to get very far. Now that they see how strong he is, if they truly continued the “no Trump, no way” actions, it would indeed end the two party system. Who would want to be part of a party that says your opinion and voice is meaningless? Who would want to associate with a party that jams THEIR idea of a candidate down your throat? Not me. I think they understand that. So I definitely believe that they’ve been meeting in the shadows with Trump and bargaining for what they’d get in a Trump Presidency.

It will be easy to see if I’m reading this wrong. If they do pull a fast one at a Convention and appoint someone else, well then…it is clear the Establishment elites don’t even care to hide their ambitions from the peon’s any more. They will have just declared themselves more important than “you”. I don’t think they’ll do that, it would cause massive disruption to their so called party.

There is one more issue that is really quite troubling. If Trump doesn’t grease enough people’s hands, even if they don’t rig the Convention and play the swap game, there’s a very good chance they’ll simply rig the true election. Remember, Hillary and Jeb were the appointed two. They’ll “take” a Trump if he plays enough games with them. But if not, they’ll throw the election to Hillary.

We’ve seen ample evidence that indeed the elections can and are rigged. I even showed you all the video of the guy who was hired to rig an election in Florida. Am I to think they wouldn’t pull something like that at the National level? Please. So to wrap this up, what we’re seeing has really never been seen before. This election season is so different, so interesting that it is the first time in over 20 years that I’ve decided to cover some of it in my letters. Stay tuned, it just gets ever more curious.

NOTE>> I have to add this…. Do you see all the airplay they’re giving the so called “battery” attempt by the Trump promoter to the so called reporter? This reporter Michelle Fields said that Lewandowski grabbed her arm and almost threw her to the ground, but she regained her balance. Now she says it was the second most horrible thing in her life after the passing of her father. I’ve seen the tape. You’ve seen the tape. Everyone I’ve talked to says “Grow up lady, you were trying to stay in Donalds face and the guy pulled you back for a second”. Even that obnoxious Piers Morgan is laughing at this woman. Once again I ask…are they pushing crap like this so hard, just to literally force people into saying “Trumps being set up, I’m going to support him?” If not, they’re sure doing a hell of a good job of it.