I have no doubt that politics has been corrupt from the very earliest of days. None. But I think there’s a big difference between say taking a payoff from someone so that later on you give that person a favor, versus selling out your nation.  I’m not saying that it’s right to take a payoff, but please folks, let’s deal in reality. They happen on virtually every level. Builder A gives Candidate B a 50K dollar donation to his campaign. B wins the election. Builder A gets approval for his condo project. It happens every day in every town USA.
There’s little question in my mind that we are witnessing a brutal dog fight between factions at the very top of our political establishment. Call it the good guys versus the bad guys if you will. But this is an escalation that I don’t think we’ve ever seen.
If you only get your news from the Main Stream Media, then what you must believe is that Trump is a womanizing, racist,Deplorable human that must be stopped at all costs. This of course is the same Media that fawned over him for some 30 years, calling him a Great American, a Boss with a heart, Etc. etc. That all came to an end when he decided to run for President and expose their Queen.
Every day for weeks, Wikileaks has been dumping 2, 3, 4000 emails surrounding Podesta and the Hillary campaign. I think the total is now 42,000. Inside them we see every manner of disgusting collusion at the top of the Washington DC pyramid.  There are too many of them to mention but for instance, we’ve learned that the attorney Peter Kadzik who is in CHARGE of overseeing the DOJ investigation into Huma Abedin’s Emails, just happens to be a VERY Close friend of Podesta. So close that he tipped off Podesta about the Hillary Email investigation.  So how are the optics on that? The Guy working for the DOJ doing investigations, just happens to be in collusion with Hillary’s camp, to help her out. Pretty slimey.
Worse… do you know who Marc Rich is? He’s the guy Clinton Pardoned back in 2000. A very slimey creature he was. Well Kadzik was HIS lawyer at the time. So Bill Clinton pardon’s Kadzik’s client, and now Kadzik is in charge of the investigation into Huma’s issues, and Huma is Bill Clinton’s wife’s “bestest friend”.   You couldn’t make this up.
Because this story is so big, the Media couldn’t bury it. There’s been a ton of focus on Anthony Weiners laptop, as they’ve found something like 650K emails, and of course Comey announced his intentions to Keep the Hillary Email investigation open. But there’s something else they’ve been trying to keep out of the public’s view, that can’t be hidden any longer. For over a year, FBI agents had been looking through the Clinton Foundation, and according to the National Review, what they found is suggestive of a pattern of pay-to-play bribery, the monetizing of political influence, fraud, and obstruction of justice that the Justice Department should be investigating as a possible RICO conspiracy under the federal anti-racketeering laws.
 The FBI requested a Grand Jury to look into the foundation, But Obama’s Appointed Dept. of Justice, said NO.  They would NOT allow the FBI to proceed. They were blocked consistently.  (NOW do you see why COMEY did what he did with Hillary? As I told you, if he had gone to Loretta Lynch and asked for her to press forward, ALL the info about the classified emails on her server, the lies she told, etc, would have been locked up as evidence. You would have heard NOTHING, and it would die a lonely death. Comey did the only thing he could do, which was tell the American people what she had done, and let the people decide if she’s worthy of President.)
Okay, so Loretta Lynch is the Boss, right? Right. And she’s the Boss that Met with Bill Clinton on that airport runway, right? Right. Well do you know who first appointed lynch to the Attorney General office? That would be BILL CLINTON himself, in 1999. So, the guy who made her career is the top dog of an investigation into his own wife. Can she be impartial? Of course not. She will do ANYTHING to try and keep the Clintons safe.
But the FBI is in revolt. The reputation of the Dept. is damaged beyond belief. They know what they have and they want to go forward with it.  Thus, what we’re seeing is something of a revolt. The Russian’s aren’t hacking the DNC, Wikileaks own people said so. They said it’s coming from “insider intelligence”.   There are people, honest people in the FBI and other police departments that are LIVID that the DOJ is covering for these people and they’re definitely doing an “end run” to try and get this stuff out.
Recently the FBI posted a heavily redacted copy of the Hillary investigation. As you know the most common theme you are hearing is that Hillary used the Clinton Foundation to bring in money, and for the right amount of money you could possibly get a nice cushy State Dept. appointment.  In the media they’re calling it “pay to play”.  Well, below is a screen shot of page 56 from the FBI’s own FOIA released documents.


Notice the words “7th floor group” and or “The Shadow Government”.  This group meets every Wednesday to discuss anything and everything Clinton Related. Okay, got that? Good. Now below is a Wikileaks document signed off by Hillary Clinton from back in 2010. Remember She was Secretary of State from 2009  until 2013.
The Bureau of Legislative Affairs (H) is seeking bidders for  key positions available in Summer 2010.  Assignments in  H afford Foreign Service Officers a unique opportunity to  shape the Department’s legislative strategy, promote the  Administration’s policy objectives, and gain in-depth  understanding of the crucial relationship between the Department  and Congress.  H offers career-enhancing, Seventh Floor  positions in which you can have a direct, substantive  impact in achieving our foreign policy goals.  We look forward  to hearing from you.


Interesting. The FBI says there was a group of powerful “high ranking” officals that some referred to as the “Shadow Government”  or the 7th Floor group, and here’s a memo seeking “Bidders” who might actually get a chance to be part of their little group that creates policy.  Now I know that the nay sayers are going to say this is just a form of job posting, but ….really? The Facts show that the more and more money that flowed into the Clinton Foundation, the more and more “favors” were granted.
So this is the state we’re in. But I think it’s even worse than that. Why? Because which ever side loses on Tuesday, is instantly going to lawyer up and contest it. There is NO way this election nightmare is over on Tuesday.  There’s simply too much garbage out there that they will challenge for months on end.  For instance there’s “dead” people that have voted. There’s cell video of machines flipping votes. There’s video of people being bussed, there’s screen shots of the election RESULTS already having been set. I kid you not folks.
Now consider this. Let’s say Hillary steals it. I say steal, because the anecdotal evidence suggests Trump will win this. ( Trump signs on lawns, Trump attendance at rallies, Trump “likes” on Facebook, etc ) Forget the crooked polls. One of the nations best pollsters said the Cubs had a 20% chance and the Indians an 80% chance of winning the world series.


 Ooops.  Anyway, let’s say she wins. Trump will contest it and start bringing up evidence of fraud. What happens if during all that, the “good guys” at the FBI find a way to get Hillary indicted via the foundation?  What the hell happens then?
I, like so many of you wish this thing would just end. Yes I want Trump to win, I can’t stand “that woman”.  But I don’t think Tuesday ends anything. I really hope I’m wrong.
The Market…
36 years. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve seen the S&P fall for 9 straight days. No it hasn’t been a “crash” so to speak, as the drop has been in bits and pieces. Take Friday for example. The S&P fell 0.17%.  We’ve seen a lot of that, 0.42%, 0.51%, etc.  So while a 9 day losing streak sounds incredibly bad, in the big picture, we are only down 4.7% from the ALL TIME HIGH.
I think what is more interesting is that year over year… the market is RED. Yes indeed, despite the pops, the drops, the sideways, the election, the Middle East, the so called “recovery”, and everything else… the market is lower on November 4, 2016 than it was November 4 of 2015.
The market hit its all-time high on August 15th, closing at 2190.  Then it simply traded sideways and slightly lower, moving down to new support lines along the way.  Today we sit at 2085.
Friday was the non farm payroll report. It stunk out loud. All you’re hearing from the Media is that “The good economic number helps Clinton”.  Good? We posted a gain of 161K jobs. If that was real, it would be “okay” at best. BUT of course we have to look at our old friend the Birth/Death model.  For those that are new and don’t know what that is, here’s the bottom line. Uncle Sam figures that for every “X” amount of people that get laid off, some “X” amount of them will go out and start new businesses and hire people. They don’t have any proof of these jobs, for instance there’s no tax records or anything. But they take a wild assed guess and toss a number out. Well, here’s the problem with that. They include the B/D number INTO the actual non farm payroll report.
This month they say that…… 197K jobs were created by these phantom people.   So the fact is that we lost over 36K jobs in October, we didn’t “create” 161K. Again the media is silent on that.


So what’s up with the 9 day slide? Is it all election related? The common thinking is that the market hates uncertainty, and is struggling how to deal with the possibility of a Trump win.  I think there’s some truth to that notion. I also think that it coincides with what I’ve been talking about concerning the big picture. It has been my guess that after 7 years of up, and the trillions upon trillions of QE style stimulus, the market is ready for a major correction. So if you add up the idea that the market “wants” lower, and toss in the insanity of this election, then yeah…. We could be looking at the start of something here.
HOWEVER, I will still stick to my short term ideas, and that idea is that if Hillary pulls this off, we’re going to see a short term market rally that could be quite impressive. Wall Street desperately wants their criminal queen in power, and if they get her, they will put on a Drunken reception party the likes we probably haven’t seen in a long time. So, if you’re willing to gamble, I can make the case that maybe you should consider taking some “mad money” and buying something like the SPY on Monday.
But let me say this, even if Hillary wins and they grant her a face ripping rally to celebrate, I think it will be short lived. I think it will be something of a blow off top, and next year we’ll be considerably lower than we are now.
The issue of course, is that if Trump’s movement overwhelms the “riggers” and he pulls this off, they very well might throw a pout party that chops 20% off this market in a heartbeat.  That’s the risk of going long Monday.  I might consider a Straddle, personally.
This should prove to be quite an exciting week.  I hope you have enough popcorn.