New Money In BlockChain

There are many reasons to create wealth and have a goal for financial success.

In my opinion, the one that trumps them all is very simple…

The #1 reason to get rich is peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy your freedom, so that all these busybodies in government can’t bother you, or you just want to wake up when you’re done sleeping, knowing you have no financial obligations is absolutely liberating.

The true feeling of wealth, the one worthy of attaining, is financial freedom.

Luxury cars and big houses are a temporary high – one that often leads people with money to end up broke.

A debt-free feeling, with gobs of cash flow coming in from multiple streams of income and a large pile of cash in your savings, structuring your finances with these objectives… now, that’s peace of mind!

That is the entire objective of the Apis Bull Blog; we are personal finance for the new economy.

And in the new economy, each individual needs to chart his or her own course.

The experiment of the 1980s and 1990s portfolio, which was debt expansion dependent, both on the public front and private sector, has failed. It will continue to fail, so the sooner people let it go, the better off they will be.

The goal of focusing on assets that cash flow, partnering with the right people for capital appreciation investment opportunities, and living below one’s means, is a sure recipe to financial prosperity and freedom!

I don’t usually say this, but right now, I think there is a real investment opportunity to fast-track your financial goals. 

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The cryptocurrency space and blockchain technology are like investing in the Internet in 1988!

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