The Gold Bubble Of The 70’s And Profiting With Gold Today

One of the best ways to become wealthy is to invest during a bubble and get out at just the right time.

And that’s our sole focus right now. The gold bubble is building. And, yes, it will pop. But we’re nowhere close yet.

How do we know? Because we study wealth cycles and understand history.

In fact, it’s all about getting your lion’s share of the wealth during the current cycle. And it’s not too late to get started.

Let me briefly get you up to speed with some economic history that could make you rich.
Here’s what happened during the forgotten gold bubble…

The 1970’s in America are remembered as a decade of high inflation.

And rarely do we ask, “why?” But the reason why is very similar to what the world is going through today.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon untied the last string between gold and the US dollar.

This unshackled the Federal Reserve to do as they pleased. In the past, money- printing had to be limited to the amount of gold in their possession.

But now the Fed could print to their heart’s content – which they did. And printing money always leads to inflation.

Add in to the mix a middle eastern oil embargo and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and it seemed the whole world was on edge!

And What Do People Do When
the Whole World Goes Insane? 

Just like today, they buy GOLD. In 1971, gold was pegged at $42 an ounce. But within 10 years all the craziness shot the price up over $800.

It seemed EVERYONE was buying the precious metal.

And that makes anyone who sold off their gold in January of 1980 at $850 an absolute genius. And a very rich genius.

They rode the bubble to its record high and cashed out at exactly the right time. Because soon after, gold crashed back down to earth – dipping under $300 in mid 1982.

Looking back, the obvious way to make a fortune would be to buy gold at $42 an ounce and cash out at $850.

But we don’t have the benefit of hindsight, do we?

In some ways we do.  they’re called wealth cycles.

And when you understand wealth cycles it’s easier to ride the bubbles and cash out at exactly the right time.

And not just gold bubbles, but stock and real estate bubbles too.

Three Wealth Cycles That
Could Have Made You Rich 

When the gold bubble popped in 1980, money went into tech companies like Microsoft and Apple. This led to the stock market bubble and Dot-Com crash in the 1990’s.

That was one opportunity to buy in at the bottom and get out at the top.

When the stock market crashed, the money started flowing into real estate instead. And, of course, we had a giant real estate bubble.

That was opportunity #2.

Now that the real estate bubble has popped, it’s a wonder why EVERYONE doesn’t see opportunity #3: GOLD.

Gold has come full circle. And if you know how to spot the top of the bubble, it’s a HUGE opportunity to generate massive wealth.

We expect there to be several telltale signs that the time is right to sell gold, but we’re nowhere close yet.

And there’s still plenty of room to buy into the bubble now and make a fortune later.

To find out more, you need to read the book “Investing in Gold and Silver.”

This wealth cycle is occurring now. And it could take a decade or more for another opportunity to develop, so don’t let this one go to waste.