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News Letters

We have several types of newsletters.
For several types of people and situations.

Short Term Trading.
Our short term trading is designed for holdin stocks for 6 months or less.

Long Term Trading
Our long term trading newsletter is designed for holding stocks for 6 months to a few years.

Preparing For Retirement
Our retirement investing newsletter is designed for holding stocks even after you retire collecting on the dividends and reinvesting those dividends. Not all stocks that pay dividends qualify for our strict set of rules for retirement stocks.

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Our Newsletters

To let you know how we trade.
Our newsletters inform you of what we have done and what actions we plan on taking in the market place one business day in advanced of the trade we look forward in transacting. We inform you of what we plan on buying or selling for short term,
long term and even retirement planning. You can choose which newsletter service you want to subscribe to. We have several to choose from. With many choices to choose from with Stocks we have shot term,long term, and retirement. With commodities we
have day trading and longer trades. With futures commodities we only have one newslettr for all types of trades and indicies.

Taking Our Class

We offer online courses
so you can do your own trading without having you to use us as a crutch. It is better to learn how to trade then to follow along and never learning anything.

We have 2 different types of video courses. One is a set number of videos class for beginners that should take about 20 hours. The other is an every day market update. Start Today

Our videos are compelling

How we teach is the most important aspect of our program. We provide just a few simple steps for you to understand how to trade in the stock and commodity markets. Whether you are interested in stocks or commodities we can help you understand how to trade in these markets Once you understand one you will see how easy it is to apply the same rules to the other.
Each class can take about an hour a day for 10 days.