Over the past decade, ALLEGATIONS and even INDICTMENTS against the bullion banks, suppressing the price of spot silver were MADE FAMOUS.

All I have to say to JPMorgan’s commodities trading desk is GOOD LUCK!

If you’re as short silver as you were when I last checked, TAKE SOME ASPIRIN!

We’re cooking now and the oven is hot with GOLD X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX & US: SSPXF) nearing CAD$4.50/share, while still UNDERVALUED when plotted against development peers covered by the Bank of Montreal’s June 29th report.

Check this out:

Consider shares of GOLD X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX & US: SSPXF) now!

Look at these numbers; that’s the most DATA-DRIVEN OPPORTUNITY I’ve seen in 2020 – this company truly is UNDERVALUED compared to its peers and that’s not even accounting for the price of gold reaching over $2,000/ounce.

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Things are moving SO FAST right now that I would not be surprised to see CEO Paul Matysek working ROUND THE CLOCK to advance the Toroparu project according to plan.

It boils down to THREE THINGS: Timing, project and People.

  1. Timing: This is the best GOLD market and, of course, best SILVER market since 2010. Realize that – understand the rarity of it, the cyclicality of it and the ESSENCE of this moment.
  2. Project: At 7.35m ounces Measured & Indicated and 3.15m ounces Inferred, Toroparu is a large-scale advanced development stage project that has had $150m spent to date on resource definition, feasibility level engineering studies, and permitting.
  3. People: Toroparu has already several high-level investors, including: (1) Wheaton Precious Metals, the best of ITS KIND, (2) Gran Colombia Gold, a mid-tier LatAm producer, (3) Paul Matysek (CEO), a serially successful mining entrepreneur and (4) Robert Friedland, (Non-Exec Chairman) who is considered by many as the top mining entrepreneurs of our generation.

Consider shares of GOLD X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX & US: SSPXF) now!

Wheaton Precious Metals‘ market cap is $24.5bn and it has less than 100 EMPLOYEES!

This company is headed by Randy Smallwood. If you ask about him, you’ll understand that many investors regard him as the most RISK-AVERSE genius in the business. For a person like Randy, and the WPM team he leads, to invest in GOLD X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX & US: SSPXF) is the ultimate STAMP OF APPROVAL, as far as I’m concerned.

WPM recently converted US$10M of convertible debentures into equity at $3.20 per share, 28 months prior to maturity! That equates to approximately 9.5% of Gold X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX & US: SSPXF). That would be akin to Apple Inc. owning 10% of your Smartphone start-up. It shows CREDIBILITY.

The gold market is IN A SPECIAL SPOT. 

Capitalize on it and CONSIDER shares in Gold X Mining (TSX-V: GLDX & US: SSPXF) NOW!