Sund Murder

This article was written over 20 years ago.
Originally written 12 June 2001.

This is the first time I have posted it anywhere.
As you read it it may seem it is written in the present
but it was written long ago.

And it starts here.

What I know about the Sund Murder that nobody else
knows or they are just too willing to ignore it.

In the winter months I work at Badger Pass Ski Area.
Badger Pass is located inside Yosemite National Park.
My job is Ski Fitter. I work in the alpine ski rental
shop adjusting and fitting skis for people who rent our

One day a young lady came to my desk in need of skis.
I took her rental form and started to read the form
and fit her skis. On her rental form it said she was
from Argentina. I asked her if she was with the group
of about 20 or more that came in about a half hour ago
who were also from Argentina. She said no that she was
an exchange student and she was with her friend and
her friends mom. I thought it was an interesting
coincidence that a large number of Argentines would
come in just before this exchange student who were all
from the same country.

As I was filing her rental form in our filing box I
noticed that her name on the form was the renter but
the guardians or payers name was Sund. I thought it
was an interesting or someone was in too much of a
hurry to add the letters ay at the end Sund. On the
rental form it said “C/O” meaning care of. This was
one of the most unusual thing I’ve ever seen in all
of my time working on forms in the rental shop and
it stood out and I took a mental note of everything
on the form even the fact the the mother was from
California. Too many similarities between the murder
victims and the rental form and the Arginine I spoke to.

That year was my first year working in the rental
shop. There were no set policies on how to file rental
forms. There were many questions that the employees
would ask about filing procedures but we received
many different answers depending on which manager was
on duty. I filed the form under the name Sund because
that was the name of the guardian or payee. Some
employees were filing forms according to rental due
date and some by date of rental which sometimes could
be a whole week difference. Sometimes you would have
employees filing behind the letters of the
alphanumeric or behind the same letter. At the end of
the year we gather all the forms that have filed and
sort them by date, occasionally we would find rental
forms in the wrong month, not by just a day or 2 but
by 20-40 days.

I heard the news about the killings and watched
Americas Most Wanted on tv and when they showed
pictures of the 3 women I saw a lift ticket on the
pants of one women and my memories just clicked. I
knew I helped these people in the rental shop because
I spoke to an exchange student from Argentina who was
with her friend and her friends mother. And that name
, I remember that name because Sund rhymes with Gund.
Gund is a teddy bear manufacturer and Sund it’s also
an incomplete spelling of Sunday. And the fact that
there were so many Argentinians there that day.

I called Americas Most Wanted told them what I knew
and they said they would relay the info but they said my story
was wrong, they had evidence that they were not
skiing. I then called the KCRA news room in Sacramento
and they said thanks but you should call the FBI heres
there number. Then I called the FBI and they said I
didn’t know what I was talking about and my story and
time line was all wrong.

The next time I went to work I told my manager Chris about what I knew he said I should keep my mouth
shut and not tell anyone. I also found out that on my
day off the FBI were in our rental shop going through
the rental forms looking for the Sunds. They found
nothing. I told Chris thats probably because
your filing policies are all screwed up and the filing
box is out in public in where anybody can go through it.

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Is it possible they were filed on some other date or
alphanumeric and the FBI couldn’t find them because of
it? Is it possible some person from the outside came
in and got there hands on an easy access filing box
and took the forms which has residential info. Some
people put down on the form what hotel and room they
are staying in.

I know what I know and believe it to be true.

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